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Web Health Club is a life-changing private online wellness platform, providing an arsenal of digital tools for an amazing user experience…

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  • “Love the workouts! Exercise is getting easier. I’ve found they change the educational topics to fit our needs. The medication review with the pharmacist was helpful.”
    Pamela R. - Canton, GA
  • “The NDPP instructors are very knowledgeable about what they present to us, and very supportive. Erik understands going from no exercise to exercising several times a week, and makes the workouts manageable!”
    Erica - Woodstock, GA
  • “I like the personalized feedback I get with the lifestyle program. Learning how to balance calories, fat, sodium, etc…has been challenging but very helpful. I feel better, have less aches and less brain fog. The exercise ideas are easy to incorporate at home. This is great!”
    Anne -

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  • Proven accountability & support solutions
  • Advanced food search database & exercise/nutrition/results tracking platform
  • A 30 day “Quick Start” exercise planning program!
  • Frequent Live Webinars with featured guests. Archives available 24/7
  • Expert Q & A Forum with our Wellness Professionals
  • Extensive audio & HD quality video training library
  • The raw truth behind foods, fads, supplements and exercise
  • Science-Backed information & verifiable resources
  • Proven results!

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Anne Mooney progression small“Overall I have felt pretty good about this program. Since I’m diabetic, the greatest thing I noticed that has helped my sugars has been the resistance training I’ve learned from Erik. That has built muscle and changed my body. When I do that every other day, I notice big results in my blood sugar. I couldn’t believe it one day when I checked my sugar and I was actually below 100. I have never, since I have been diagnosed, had a day where I dropped below 100. It just never happens so I was real excited about that and continue to be excited about that… I recommend this program “

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