Refund Policy


Web Health Club strives to provide each client with the best services possible. If, for ANY reason, you are not satisfied with our services, we are happy to issue refunds for any services that have not yet been rendered. Web Health Club does not, under any circumstance, provide refunds for services already rendered. For example, if you sign up for a block of 10 consulting or training sessions and pay for the entire block up front, you then complete seven (7) sessions and decide that you would like a refund (for any reason), your refund would reflect only the total of the unused three (3) sessions using a simple formula of “total cost” of the program divided by ten (10) sessions, and then multiplied by three (3) for the unused sessions. All refunds may take up to thirty (30) days to process.

Discount Reversal Refund Rule
Web Health Club is proud to offer special discounted rates for clients who order in bulk. We also run promotional and seasonal offers from time to time. Clients who request a partial refund for a discounted package (i.e. promotional and/or seasonal, combo or bulk packages/services) may be subject to our “Discount Reversal Refund Rule.” The Discount Reversal Refund Rule states that if a client receives a discount for purchasing in bulk, for example, a discounted package of ten (10) training sessions or consultations at a rate of $100 each instead of paying for just one (1) individual session at our normal rate of $125 per session, and then requests a partial refund for any remaining unused sessions, the total refund will be calculated based on an adjusted rate of $125 per session rather than the original bulk purchase price of $100 each. Using this aforementioned hypothetical scenario, the price of 10 sessions, paid in advance with special pricing, would be $1,000. If 3 sessions are refunded, the calculation would look like this: $125 per session x 7 sessions used = $875. If the total originally paid was $1,000, you would subtract the $875 from $1,000 and the refunded amount would be the remaining $125.

Online Memberships
All online memberships will experience recurring monthly charges until the membership is cancelled. Due to the nature and magnitude of the contents contained within our Private Online Membership area, coupled with our current trial period offer, Web Health Club does not currently offer full or partial refunds for any paid-for online access. Active members can cancel their online access and recurring charges any time for any reason, but will not receive any credits to their account regardless of when the last charge took place.


All of Web Health Club’s group/business-based programs require a separate contract for a pre-determined, fixed amount of time, for example, six (6) or twelve (12) months. Once a contract is signed and submitted back to us, the client is granted a right of rescission period of 3 full business days. After the rescission period there will be no refunds granted under any circumstance. Our programs require the utmost attention to detail and are custom-tailored to fit each unique situation, and therefore we cannot recoup our time, efforts and expertise invested in your project. This “No Refunds” policy holds true regardless of whether you pay up front or on a monthly basis. If you cancel your services for any reason, you will still be charged each month until the contract expires. Thank you for your understanding.


24+ hour cancellations
All cancellations for individual training/consulting sessions  (locally and/or via phone/Internet) must be received by phone or email at least 24 hours before your scheduled training session in order to avoid being charged for your session. Clients who do not cancel with at least a 24 hour notice will be charged for the cancelled session(s). Only one (1) cancellation per every ten (10) consecutive weeks of service is allowed. All other cancelled appointments will be charged to your account.

“Short-Notice” cancellations
Web Health Club understands that emergencies happen, and therefore we provide every client with one (1) free “short-notice” cancellation (less than twenty four (24) hours notice). You will not be charged for your first cancellation with less than a twenty four (24) hour notice. Subsequent short-notice cancellations will be charged for the entire cost of the training/consulting session. The free short-notice cancellation only applies if Web Health Club is notified more than 2 hours prior to the session start time. “No shows” and notifications of less than two (2) hours prior to the session are not eligible for the free cancellation. Only one (1) “short-notice” cancellation per every ten (10) consecutive weeks of service is allowed. All other “short-notice” cancelled appointments will be charged to your account.


If you need to cancel a session or an online recurring membership, please call: 404-909-6774 or email us @