The Strong Mind Strong Body Project by Erik Welker


No dieting. No exercise experience necessary. No gym equipment required. NO MORE EXCUSES!

41 year old disabled veteran unveils his

REVOLUTIONARY weight loss health system...

Erik Welker

  • Co Founder of the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project.

  • Formerly 242 lbs. Now 160 lbs.

  • Certified Personal Trainer / B.S. in Exercise Science

  • Published Author & Motivational Speaker

When getting healthy is your only choice.

So What's Inside the Project?

“Welcome to your PARTNERSHIP with me and my team of professionals!”

This is a “joint venture” to drastically improve your health & quality of life.

Each day you will be presented with a simple template to follow.

Each template takes 60 minutes or less to complete.

Each template contains powerful strategies to stimulate Mind & Body.

Each day includes guidance & support from our professionals & community.

A life-changing, eye-opening experience for men AND women of all ages and abilities.

Explore the sample DAY ONE template below for more insight…





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Erik Welker

"getting to know me"

Erik Welker exercise physiologist and Nationally certified personal trainer from Woodstock GA - headshot



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how it works

Personal Transformation bedside binder



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Cover Page

Personal Transformation bedside binder



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Deep Reasoning” List

your first meaningful journal entry.


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BONUS:"10 minute Pot Roast" recipe


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“10 minute Pot Roast” Recipe


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The Raw Truth

Part One

Part Two

Mastering Exercise

Exercising for Ironclad Health



dispelling the myths surrounding exercise

Getting to know our unique format

customization made simple


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The 2 types of exercises designed to transform your body

and how they work together


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Putting it all together sampling the 5-level experience for yourself

simplified example


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What's on Deck?

Get ready for tomorrow!

when getting healthy is your only choice.


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Questions? Q&A Forum

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Take the Journey With Me

Each day is a new adventure overflowing with suspense and enlightenment.

As crafty campfire-style stories and adventurous visualizations re-tool your mind.

As simple-to-follow, step-by-step exercise routines re-shape your body. 

As you will NEVER stumble again by lack of knowledge, support and community.

As sure as the sun will rise, you will reach your goals…

Jessica Welker, an entrepreneurial pharmacist, Pharm.D. located in Woodstock, GA and helps clients with prescription drug questions and concerns
Jessica Welker

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Certified Lifestyle Coach & National Diabetes Prevention Program® Trainer, Nutrition Advocate
“I am always happy to share my knowledge of prescription drugs and supplements with our Project. community. I also provide many recipe and “in-the-kitchen-ideas” including healthy snack choices for the entire family and quick meals for today’s fast-paced tempo.”
Erik Welker, Exercise Physiologist located in Woodstock, GA, providing exercise prescription and works as an entrepreneurial Nationally recognized personal trainer
Erik Welker
B.S. Exercise Science, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Expert, Motivational Speaker
“Count on me to deliver simple and effective workout routines, as well as guided meditations, visualizations and affirmations. I also lead motivationally driven podcasts, webinars and videos within the Project. community.”
Susan Wimberly Honea, MA, MPH - headshot
Susan Honea
B.S. Health Science, Master of Public Health, Healthy nutrition advocate
“I enjoy showing our members a wide variety of “from-scratch” meal planning options, as well as a wide array of short cuts in the kitchen. I also provide great insight for goal planning and staying motivated.”
Nicole Roberson Registered Dietician
Nicole Roberson
Registered Dietitian
“With over 15 years experience in nutrition counseling, I specialize in diabetes, weight loss, heart disease and health coaching. My husband of over 14 years has type 1 diabetes and one of my children has multiple food allergies. Caring for my loved ones at home makes me empathetic towards individuals trying to make changes. I love to help anyone wanting to make changes to their health and I can help you set manageable goals to make these changes attainable.”


Here’s what you’ll explore WITHIN YOUR FIRST 5 DAYS inside the Project during the NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION PHASE

Phase 1: Training the Brain

Meet the team! Enjoy a warm and informative Welcome Message from each of our staff members.
How to develop personal and positive daily affirmations that drive maximum, sustaining, life-changing results.
Key steps to creating your “Transformational Bedside Binder.”
The best and most efficient way to get your questions answered as you travel along your journey of change.
How to develop bullet-proof determination and unshakable self-confidence to overcome your biggest challenges.
How to pinpoint and awaken your positive motivational triggers.

Phase 2: Fueling the Body

Discover which foods are causing water and fat retention and what to do about it.
Kitchen Basics 101: How to prepare gourmet meals your family will love within minutes.
How to save time and money at the grocery store by pre-planning your meals each week.
Full Access to our “Fuel Room” kitchen recipe & meal planning video vault.

Phase 3: Mastering Exercise

The story of how exercise saved my life, and how it can save yours.
3 fool-proof lifestyle hacks to ensure you have time for 60 minutes with the Project. each day.
Discover how to subconsciously CRAVE your workouts.
How the Project. is compatible with no equipment, basic home gym, exercise bands, or full gym.


Once your 5 day New Member Orientation Phase is complete, you will automatically be integrated into our current 9 week cycle happening inside the Project.


By releasing new videos and other media to our faithful members within a day or two of its creation, we are able to capture our audience within the world as it is today, and not as it was a month ago, or a year ago. We are able to discuss current events happening in our world that may affect our community’s goals and objectives, and we can promote much more timely information, including seasonal recipes and working around holidays. After all, who wants to talk about grilling steaks in the middle of the winter?


That’s right…

THIS IS NOT A PRE-RECORDED WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM created several months or years ago.

Instead, this is a LIVING, BREATHING, MOVING, FOREVER-CHANGING WORLDWIDE WELLNESS PROJECT MACHINE that, unlike anything else available anywhere in the world today, is here to teach you, train you, guide you and answer your questions in real time as the world spins.

Important Questions. Honest Answers.

“Is the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. right for me?”

The Project. is NOT for you if:

  1. You are not willing to get off the couch and follow our exercise tutorials for 20-40 minutes each day.

  2. You are looking for a short-term fix to fit into an old dress or suit coat for an upcoming event, and after the event is over you immediately plan to go back to your old ways.

  3. You are not open to subtle lifestyle changes and a new way of thinking about yourself and your surroundings.


On the other hand, The Project. IS for you if:

  1. You are ready to take the guesswork out of staying healthy and looking/feeling your best.

  2. You are open to change and welcome the idea of working online with highly qualified, experienced professionals from the comfort of your home to reach your goals.

  3. You understand that becoming healthy does not happen overnight, and healthy living is not a “temporary program” but instead a whole new way of looking at the world and your place in it.

  4. You are tired of feeling TIRED, sick and depressed and you are ready for a complete and permanent transformation.

“How long should I expect to be a part of the Project. and how long does it take to create these permanent lifestyle changes?”

A new version of the Project. begins every 10 weeks.


It runs in a cycle of 9 weeks on, followed by 1 week off. After each cycle, we take the feedback from our members and we explore new possibilities to improve the user experience and the results that our members are realizing…


During our “week off,” our staff works diligently to begin the re-creation process for the next 9 week cycle. Then, as we move along the journey together, the program is masterfully interwoven into and around National Holidays, current events and the seasons of the year.


NO 2 CYCLES ARE THE SAME! Each cycle is strikingly unique, and the creativity never stops.


Although we sincerely hope that you consider becoming a “lifelong member,” we recommend at least 2 full cycles for results that are measurable and lifestyle changes that are potentially sustainable on your own.


* If you join the Project. during our 1 week break, you will be instructed to simply go back a few days into the archives and begin your journey near the end of our last cycle. This will not create confusion, as we are mindful that new members join the Project each and every day of the year. Honestly, it does not matter where in the current cycle you begin. It only matters that you begin. Why not start your journey today?

“How do I tap into you and your team of experts when I have questions along the way? And can I ask a specific member of your team questions based on their expertise?”

Inside the Project. there is a private discussion board, otherwise known as The Q&A Forum.


Through the Forum, you are encouraged to ask your questions freely and to interact with the ongoing conversations.


If your question is extremely personal and/or sensitive, you have the ability to send any of our staff members a “private message” (PM) any time you want to.


The Forum also allows you to interact with other Project. members for support and/or encouragement if you wish.

“This program looks intense from a creation standpoint. How do you keep it so affordable with all the time and effort your team puts into keeping it going?”

Affordability is a function of the following 2 dynamics:


1.) We are a FAMILY OWNED business and therefore we do not have to “overcharge” for our services to pay shareholder dividends, corporate profits and/or CEO bonuses.

Our company is RESULTS DRIVEN and NOT profit-driven. Of course we obviously need to profit to stay in business and provide for our families, but ultimately, our number one concern at the end of each day is: “Are we transforming peoples’ lives to the absolute best of our collective abilities?” and “Are our members happy and successful, and naturally attracting others into our program through their results?”


2.) LOW OVERHEAD. We’ve turned our basement into our main studio, and we use our own kitchens for shooting videos for the “Fuel Room” kitchen and meal planning video vault. No secretary to pay, no additional rent, utilities, insurance, etc. In the end, WE ALL WIN!


* Make no mistake about it, there is NOTHING like the PROJECT available anywhere. All of our trainers are unique, their stories and teaching styles are unmatched, and we all work together in a way that cannot be easily duplicated. If you’ve done your research, then you’ll agree that it’s hard to find anything like the PROJECT. The small handful of programs that are sort of “in the same ballpark” as ours that have recently emerged have mostly a corporate feel, are owned by another entity (i.e. corporate owned), and are roughly 3 times our price !

“I love your program, but I don’t know about this whole “community” thing. Can I join the Project. without interacting with other members of the community outside of the team of experts? I cherish my privacy.”

The simple answer is YES. Absolutely.




If you would like to remain anonymous, do not use any part of your real name as your USERNAME.


Although we encourage you to take a few pictures of yourself as you begin your journey, and again at regular intervals for your own purposes, you will never be asked to upload your photos to the Forum or send them to us. From time to time, a staff member may request a photo from a member who has specific questions about their body shape or type but it is never required and we always respect our clients’ privacy.


For members who are little bolder or have more outgoing personalities and can’t wait to post their before and after shots, our Forum enables you to upload all of your photos, in which case you may receive a PM from a staff member asking if we can feature your success story somewhere in our marketing materials.

The best chance for long-term success.

Hi, I’m Erik Welker, a nationally accredited personal trainer, nutrition expert, and Co-Founder of the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project.


And right now, I want to share with you the fastest and easiest way to transform your body and maintain that healthy transformation over a lifetime.


And the best part is, it doesn’t involve complex dieting or long, boring workouts that leave you exhausted…


 A word of warning on what I’m about to share with you, is that it might sound a bit different from what you’re used to hearing when it comes to losing weight, and that’s because it is…


In fact, it’s a complete 180 degree turnaround from what everyone else is teaching and what everyone else is doing to lose weight. I hope that comes as a welcome relief to you…


Until now, you probably thought that losing body fat, getting toned, and looking and feeling your best was all about restricting calories and exercising for hours.


If you are one of the millions of weight loss seekers swimming in a sea of misinformation, and still having trouble losing weight, or you’ve lost weight only to gain it all back, I want you to pay close attention to the details of this important message that I’ve created for you…


and it’s even more important to focus your attention on this message if your body fat percentage is currently at a dangerous level, or you’ve recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other cardiac or metabolic disease…


because the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. may play a critical role in reversing these conditions or, at the very least, prevent any further downstream health challenges from spiraling out of control…

Take Anne for example. A busy Elementary school teacher. Soon after she joined the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project, she had this to say:

“I couldn’t believe it!… when I checked my sugar and I was actually below 100. I have never, since I have been diagnosed, had a day where I dropped below 100. It just never happens so I was real excited about that and continue to be excited.”

Anne Mooney progression small

There are 3 distinct roadblocks keeping you from

losing weight and getting the body you deserve.

Remove the roadblocks, and the weight comes off...

It’s really that simple...

Roadblock #1 -

It’s what you "eat"

It’s time to stop picking at salads or getting caught up in the low carb, no carb crazy world of restricting calories, choking down foods you hate every day, or any other form of extreme dieting.


It’s unhealthy and flat out bad news for most individuals, and it can be dangerous to your health


The truth is: All the foods you love can and must co-exist alongside the healthier choices. No cutting out complete food groups and No giving up on your favorite indulgences!


As you will see, COMFORT FOODS are one of the KEY COMPONENTS to your overall success and happiness during your Strong Mind. Strong Body. Transformation Project.

Roadblock #2 -

It’s what you "do"

It’s true that exercise or “physical activity” is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT if you want to be healthy…


but nearly everyone has the wrong idea about exercise


It doesn’t have to be complicated, or boring, or push you to the point where you feel like you might pass out.


It shouldn’t take forever either!


And I know this is a bold statement, but mainstream ideas like exercise duration, repetitions, sets or the amount of weight you use DO NOT dictate weight loss success!


On the contrary, your focus should be centered more inward on things like heart rate, and breath, and your body’s reaction. Sounds wildly different, I know. Exciting, isn’t it?


And it doesn’t matter if you are confined to a wheel chair, or you’re striving to lose those last few stubborn inches around your waist, the principles remain the same. More on that later. For now, let us  focus our attention on 2 myths regarding exercise:


Exercise Myth #1.

Although aerobic-style exercises and physical activities do burn additional calories, they are NOT critical factors in weight loss…


but they they ARE a crucial ingredient for protecting your heart and cardiovascular system, and helping you to prevent disease.


Also contrary to popular belief, aerobic-style exercise is actually LESS EFFECTIVE when done over long periods of time.


The Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. takes less than 60 minutes daily, and only about 20-40 minutes of that time is spent on body work.


When you follow the program the way it was designed, these tiny little bouts of physical effort should be all you need to get on the right track


You set the pace. You are in control throughout this step-by-step process. And if, for whatever reason you miss a day, you are able to pick up right where you left off WITHOUT hesitation and WITHOUT feeling guilty!


Exercise Myth # 2.

The other form of exercise that is equally important is called resistance training


Resistance training, when done in the right amounts and under the right circumstances, can and will build strength, improve motor function, balance and coordination…


and most importantly it will build muscle.


The more muscle tissue you have, the more toned and sculpted you will look, and the faster your metabolism will run.


And everyone knows the faster your metabolism, the faster your body can burn through calories and stored fat…

This is what Anne had to say about resistance training:

Anne Mooney progression small

“Since I’m diabetic, the greatest thing I noticed that has helped my sugars has been the resistance training I’ve learned from Erik. That has built muscle and changed my body. When I do that every other day, I notice big results in my blood sugar.”

And Finally, the most important roadblock to rapid weight loss and feeling the freedom of having normal, healthy body fat distribution

Roadblock #3 - It's

your "state of mind"

HOW you process your thoughts and experiences, specifically, your self-talk, and your programmed response mechanism to stress is vital to a healthy existence.


This is by far the most often overlooked component of the fat loss puzzle. Rest assured, you can get everything else “spot on” and still, the needle on your scale may never even budge if you don’t get this part of the equation right.


We already know that real, lasting change BEGINS and ENDS in your brain…


The way you think about food, the way you think about exercise and physical activity, can all be reprogrammed over a short period of time using deliberate, simple, proven and painless techniques that take less than 10 minutes per day.


This one powerful secret alone is most likely making all the difference between where you are right now and where you want to be.

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see. Imagine your family and closest friends pleasantly stunned and shocked at your transformation, and showering you with compliments and praise for how fantastic you look!

With the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. it’s not only possible to completely transform your body, it’s expected

TONY ROBBINS, the famous motivational speaker and somewhat of an American icon explained in a recent TED TALKS video that your “Decisions Shape Destiny” then he goes on to say:


“everyone has to focus on something at every moment… so whatever you are focused on right now, you have to give it a meaning, and whatever that meaning is produces emotion, and then emotion creates what we are going to do, or the ACTION.”


Perhaps this entire concept sounds like a pie-in-the-sky fantasy right now, but I assure you that’s all about to change…


The decision to  get started with the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. will empower you to shape your own destiny…


you will begin by traveling seamlessly through an amazing transformation process that begins in the mind first, where momentum and passion and excitement are created, which then leads to an entirely new outlook on what you EAT and what you DO.

Crazy, isn't it?

Except, i don't call it crazy...

I call it the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project


A perpetual experiment managed by qualified experts to continuously fine tune our brain’s ability to create rapid changes that lead to actions that support your healthy fat loss mission.


Over the next few information packed minutes, you will discover my exact strategy for creating new pathways in the brain that allow you to think just a bit differently about nutrition and physical activity, and will literally turn on new and exciting thought pathways in your mind with very little additional conscious effort on your part.


How amazing is that?


But first, I want to share with you a brief story about J.

J. is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He runs a highly successful financial firm in the Atlanta area.

Soon after we were introduced, I discovered that about 15 years prior he had played college football for a division I school, and now well into his late 30’s he was plagued by aching joints and dangerous levels of body fat, but…

In just 12 short weeks inside the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. he was able to overcome those aches and pains and rise up to the challenge, losing an amazing 67 lbs. !

Always remember, the ability to think for yourself, and to take control of your own thoughts is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old, we all live under the spell of this undeniable Universal Law.


No one is immune to it, and literally ANYONE can tap into this power source at any time for MAXIMUM life-changing results. And when it comes to weight loss…


instead of dreading physical activity, imagine experiencing naturally occurring thoughts where you welcome and nurture the idea of wellness. As if you were looking forward to Friday night on the town with friends.


So now that you’re beginning to understand the incredible role your mind plays during your successful and permanent body transformation, it’s time to take a deeper look under the hood to find out exactly…


How the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. works

~ phase one ~

Training the Brain

There are 2 distinct times of the day when you are most vulnerable to absorbing information that ultimately defines your daily actions and habits


One of those times is…

first thing in the morning upon waking


The other is…

right before bed


Whatever thoughts you allow to dominate your mind during these sensitive times are stored in your subconscious and they are mostly responsible for defining who you are as a person.


If you’ve ever fallen victim to self-sabotage, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Self-imposed, destructive actions that hamper your forward progress can be traced back to these two windows of subconscious absorption


For example…

if a person hates his or her job, and every time the alarm goes off they hit the snooze button and lay there dreading getting out of bed for yet another stressful day at work for a paycheck they perceive as barely worth getting motivated for, chances are highly likely that that person is a generally negative person, a procrastinator and they hold a relatively bleak outlook on most aspects of their life.


It’s up to YOU to be honest with yourself about your personal qualities and how those qualities relate back to the dominant thoughts in your mind during these sensitive times.

Within the first few days of the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. you will be presented with a sequence of motivational templates.”


By filling out these simple yet scientifically proven, powerful templates, you are essentially paving the way to your individual success, laying the foundation for your transformation, establishing the roots that will eventually take hold of your subconscious mind, enabling you to flourish.


These templates are the BEDROCK of the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project.


Everyone comes “hard-wired with the capacity for feelings of passion, hope, love, excitement, opportunity, inclusiveness, positivity, you know… all of those “good feelings.” Then, life gets in the way


No matter what negativity you are dealing with in your life right now, whether it’s finances or relationships or illness, etc…


by consciously and repetitively planting seeds of positive thoughts and ideas into your mind during these small windows of opportunity in the morning and the evening, you will immediately begin to notice a distinct difference in the way you think, in the way you feel, including a noticeable increase in energy levels, and in the actions you take.


Make no mistake about it, this is a life changing event…

3 animated chemistry bottles representing a secret formula for at home fitness success

Your goal during Phase One is to gently bring those positive thoughts and emotions back to the surface of your mind with as little effort and in as little time as possible.


Phase One is fun, exciting and quite an eye-opening experience for most people. It’s time to gear up for our SECRET FORMULA of; positive visualization, meditation, creative thinking, constructive affirmations, and more…


these are proven motivational staples that, with just 5-10 minutes daily, are sure to breakdown and reconstruct your brain for a whole new view of the world…


Woman meditation on the bed and being fully aware of her surroundingsimagining yourself as the way you want to be, is only the beginning. Now it’s time to put in the work. We want to be as efficient and as fast as possible. This is done through setting realistic goals and then taking action


which brings us to Phase Two…

3 animated chemistry bottles representing a secret formula for at home fitness success

~ phase two ~

Fueling the Body

Your body is your vehicle. And like the cars on the road and the planes in the sky, your body needs the right kind of fuel for optimum performance and maintenance.


What you’ll discover very quickly is that PHASE TWO will forever put an end to your nutrition confusion.


At the end of the day, nutrition for healthy fat loss boils down to 2 KEY FACTORS…



How to balance the “PERCEIVED GOOD FOODS” with the “PERCEIVED BAD FOODS.”


You should be able to identify the good and bad foods, as well as the recommended “maximum limits” you should consume per meal/per day/per week, and how those good and bad foods interact to affect your goals.


As you will see, this process is simple and straight-forward. No counting calories, no headaches or confusion. Just a few simple “guideposts” to light your path, and you are on your way toward success.





What is overeating? How do you determine your personal portion limits, both at restaurants and at home? And understanding how overeating affects your goals.


Once again, a few simple “rules of the road” and a few tweaks along the way, and you are all set.


And if willpower is an issue for you, you will quickly discover we’ve got that covered as well


We provide a wide array of additional tips and tricks throughout your journey to “keep you out of the rough.”

The Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. takes an entirely new approach to nutrition…


Instead of passing off one single method of eating as the best weight loss diet ever or the secret food formula that you’ve been missing…


The Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. provides you with only the most well-researched, most up-to-date, nutrition-based scientific documentation that reveals the secrets to the most effective and most efficient ways to lose body fat while preserving muscle tissue and improving your overall health.


As a member of the Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. community, you will discover which types of nutrition plans are statistically the best, why they work, and what to do when they stop working.


Yes, that’s correct…


Most, if not all “static” nutrition programs will eventually stop allowing you to lose body fat


This is a normal process, but it can be a REAL CHALLENGE to overcome WITHOUT the right information!


And just like in the before-mentioned “Phase One: Training the Brain” Section…


each day, for just a few minutes per day, you will discover how to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and how to make subtle changes to your nutrition to keep the fat loss process going FULL SPEED AHEAD !


And the best part is…

There are NO special food preparation, cooking skills, or baking expertise required!


In order to continue losing weight WELL BEYOND your “sticking points,” you need the RIGHT TOOLS and the RIGHT INFORMATION at the RIGHT TIME.


The Strong Mind. Strong Body. Project. provides you with those valuable tools for a LIFETIME of success and happiness.


The RIGHT KIND of nutrition, including all the foods you love, combined with small routine bouts of physical activity will FUEL YOUR ENGINE OF TRANSFORMATION…


Which brings us to Phase Three…

~ phase three ~

mastering exercise for ironclad health

Take it from me, no matter what you’ve seen or heard in the past, exercise DOES NOT have to be painful, complicated, laborious, unrealistic or boring.


And as controversial as the notion of exercise may be, the raw, uncut truth is EVERYONE, regardless of age, gender, race or ability can and does benefit from regular routine exercise.


EXERCISE is a basic requirement to grow from infancy into adulthood, EXERCISE is necessary to improve and maintain health throughout your best years, and EXERCISE is needed to slow the aging process and maintain quality of life for older adults.


And ANY weight loss program that is NOT PROMOTING EXERCISE as part of your experience should be 100% avoided like the plague!


dropped like a “hot potato” immediately!


There is nothing worse than believing in something that turns out to be false!


The sooner you begin to trust in the information I’m sharing with you regarding the importance of exercise, the sooner you’ll find permanent success.

The following is an abbreviated list of the most amazing benefits of exercise that you may have never heard before…


These are scientifically proven benefits, many taken directly from my college textbooks.


Hypothetically, even if you never lost one single pound from exercising, you can still DRASTICALLY IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH simply by setting aside a small window of time to exercise or perform physical activity each day…


Exercise, when done properly and in the right amounts:


  • Can help to fight/prevent osteoporosis

  • Reduce blood pressure (and thus possibly eliminating the need for blood pressure medications)

  • Improves self image and sense of self worth

  • Reduces stress

  • Helps to prevent depression

  • Improves testosterone levels in males

  • Increases libido in both sexes

  • Reduces risk of falling

  • Improves strength, flexibility and balance

  • Reverses brain deterioration that comes with aging

  • Improves immune function to fight against sickness and disease

  • Reduces the risk of several types of cancer, including colon, prostate and (likely) breast cancer

  • Delays onset and severity of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Increases cardiovascular function

  • Aids in the prevention of heart disease and stroke

  • Increases muscle mass

  • Promotes healthy pregnancies for both mother and fetus

  • Increases endurance

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Reduces body fat

  • Improves general quality of life

  • Reduces arthritis pain and joint pain

  • Helps to recover from injuries

  • Enhances cognitive functions in the elderly

  • Helps to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes


The bottom line is:

You really can’t afford NOT to exercise!


Whether you like it or not, the fact remains that EXERCISE is the #1 method of maintaining, preserving and/or even IMPROVING your overall health!


CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Diabetes Prevention Program logo

Web Health Club is proud to offer a “100% Web-based” version of the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program, the Nation’s foremost evidence-based program for the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes…

This is a 12 month, evidence-based lifestyle modification program sponsored by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes. Using this program, in conjunction with our expertise and online technology, affords us the privilege to offer a unique combination of (1) exercise prescription using web-based guided activity via our interactive private video library, (2) government-approved nutritional guidelines, and (3) unparalleled support and encouragement via our private online members-only Q&A Forum.

If you have you been told by your primary care physician that (1) you have pre-diabetes, or (2) that your BMI (Body Mass Index) classification is in the obese or morbidly obese range, or (3) you have or had gestational diabetes during pregnancy, or (4) your newborn baby weighed/weighs more than 9 lbs., or (5) you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), the National Diabetes Prevention Program may provide significant benefit to you.

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happy funny child with lettuce in his head that looks like a hat

As parents, we understand that it’s not always easy to get your kids to eat healthy. In our unique “Children and Adolescents” Module we discuss these issues, and provide you with a wide variety of tips, tricks and solid advice to help you embrace your own unique challenges with helping your little ones get the nutrition they need, including:

  • How to pack health lunches for your children attending school.
  • How to find, and quickly prepare, healthy snacks for your little ones.
  • How to make healthy food fun your your kids.
  • 5 ways to successfully compromise with your children when it comes to sweets and junk food.
  • A whole lot more and growing!


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Doctor in a lab coat breaking a cigarette in half

Smoking. Have you ever thought about quitting?

Tobacco use is up there with the worst of the possible addictions. It creates a sense of “everything is all right” meanwhile destroying your body in various ways.

Not only should you consider adding the goal of quitting smoking into your Personal Transformation Bedside Binder, but now you can tap into our resources to help you quit as well.

We’ll share with you an unbiased list of the the best, most successful quitting tools available today, and we provide support and insightful information in this unique section of the Web Health Archives.


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